Rewrites & Revisions: “Imagine”

Hi kids! If you've taken a look at any of the Terrorwood stories recently, you'll notice that they have cute lil' disclaimers that look like this: *Note: Terrorwood is currently being revised and rewritten. All stories in this project are subject to changes at the author’s discretion. This is basically my excuse for them being slightly terrible. I'm totally … Continue reading Rewrites & Revisions: “Imagine”

Introducing: Terrorwood

Mystery...  Horror...  YA...  Romance...  Other cool buzzwords relating to this project... Terrorwood. Terrorwood is the first of hopefully many short story collections, where I explore a unifying concept through multiple perspectives. In this first collection, I will be looking at the concept of identity. Who are we? Are we defined by characteristics obtained at birth, … Continue reading Introducing: Terrorwood