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Fearful Flash Fiction Finale

Hey Kids! It is here. I am very excited to announce that the following stories comprise the Fearful Flash Fiction finale! First, go read little bit of weirdness in Everything. Then, put yer peepers on Failure | Part 1 and Failure | Part 2. AND I have another surprise! *Drumroll* The site has a brand new collection, with its… Continue reading Fearful Flash Fiction Finale

Writing About Writing

Fail Better: Applying the Scientific Method to Writing

You are a terrible writer. But that's okay, because I'm a terrible writer too! We are all terrible! Yay! No one pops out of the womb magically perfect at writing. At some point or another, we are terrible at it. What matters most is what we do about our terrible-ness. May I humbly present:  The… Continue reading Fail Better: Applying the Scientific Method to Writing