Here you can find synopses for and every installment of Terrorwood.

*Note: Terrorwood is currently being revised and rewritten. All stories in this project are subject to changes at the author’s discretion.
These stories were written around early-mid 2018, and I promise my writing has improved since then.


A short story collection looking at the concept of identity through the YA, mystery, and horror lenses.


“FeverDreamLand tells the story of Sully, a sixteen-year-old high school student and reporter for Terrier Talk, Terrierwood High’s bimonthly newsletter. When a fellow student mysteriously collapses during school, their affliction is attributed to an allergic reaction. However, is this actually the case? Find out, as Sully investigates what’s really going on in this tale of mystery and horror.”

Animals of Our Own

“Animals of our Own tells the story of a young woman and her imaginary friend… But is he really so imaginary?”


Imagine tells the story of a young woman hard at work in the woods, and her connection to the lake it surrounds.”