The Void

A young woman sat on the concrete edge. Her feet dangled over the edge, the heels of her scuffed sneakers making a quiet thumping sound as she rhythmically kicked against the poured grey rock.

A young man walked up next to her and looked down to where she sat by the deep, bottomless hole.

“What are you doing?” he asked. The young woman picked up a scrap of paper from the pile at her side and stared at it intently. Then, she crumpled it into a ball, and tossed it over the edge.

“Throwin’ paper. Seein’ what happens” she quietly replied with a sigh. He watched in silence as she threw a few more scraps over the edge. Some she crumpled into balls, and they fell hard and fast. Others were looser, lazily drifting out of sight.

In the distance, they could hear people shouting and laughing. The young man turned to see what was happening.

A small group of people had gathered at the edge of another hole about two dozen feet away, chatting away as they fussed with their papers. They would count down before tossing in lots all at once, or pass the papers around and share them. They looked content, happy even.

The young man turned back to the young woman. She was still crumpling her papers and tossing them down. He gently nudged the pile with his foot, and she rushed to straighten it before any stray scraps escaped.

“Why not go over there? They look like they’re having fun” the young man asked, gesturing towards the group. The young woman glanced over at them and shrugged.

“I like it better over here” she replied, tossing another scrap.

“Really?” the young man asked. The young woman was silent. “Okay, well… I’m gonna go over there.”

“Alright” she replied. The young man walked off towards the group. The young woman paused and watched him go. She looked back down at the small piece of paper in her hand. She crushed the delicate, clean white square in her fist.

She tossed the crumpled scrap into the void.


Posted 24 September 2018

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