Give It All

Hello Deborah,

Welcome to the company, I know you’ll do great here! Your resume was impressive, and we have high hopes for you as the newest member of our team.
I’m Sandi Boer, I’m the manager of publications and promotions. I’ll stop by your office later today with some final paperwork. Please fill everything out and get it to HR before the end of the day.
Again, welcome to the team!

Sandi Boer


Greetings Sandi,

Thank you for the warm welcome, I’m very excited to be working with you and the team! You got it on the paperwork, I’ll be here all day.

All the Best,
Deborah Kellihan

Hello Debora,

Wonderful that you’re settling in here, I’ve heard good things about your output. Nice to see a young person who’s not afraid of real work! Concerning that, would you be able to work a bit later for the next few days? We’re going to be swamped with the new season coming up, I’d appreciate knowing you’ll be here for the team.

Sandi Boer


Hello Sandi,

You got it, staying late is not a problem! Glad to hear you’re happy with my performance, I’ll keep up the good work. Let me know if there’s anything I can help with.

Deborah Kellihan

Hello Debby,

Management’s happy to see your work quality continuing to improve, the company truly appreciates your hard work. I know that you’ve been covering for Marie while she’s on vacation, but is there any way you could take on at least some of Jed’s workload as well? His wife’s sick, and we’re trying to support him right now. Let me know if it’s too much for you.

Sandi Boer


Hey Sandi,

No worries and you got it, I can take on some of his work as well. Let me know if there’s anything else I can do to help.

-Deborah Kellihan

Hello Debs,

Wonderful work on that last project, what would the company do without you?
Now, I have a big request, but I know you’ll chip in. A truck hit Jed’s wife on her way home from the hospital, she’s in bad shape. We took up a collection for her surgery, and all we need is a ring finger (your right). I know we can count on you!
Also, don’t forget my expense report is due next week. I appreciate it!

Sandi Boer


Hi Sandi,

Of course, anything Jed and his wife need. And you got it on the expense report, it’ll be on your desk Monday.


Hello Deb,

Thank goodness you’re online, you’re so work-oriented and we here at the company truly appreciate it. We just got word that Jed’s wife is in the hospital- the infection spread and she’s in full heart failure. We went through your release forms and saw that you’re on the list, I hope we can count on you in this difficult time!

Sandi Boer



Yu gpt it.



Posted 13 September 2018

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