Kelsey woke with a start to the harsh, metallic screaming of the bedside alarm clock. Blinking sleep from her eyes, she awkwardly slapped at the annoying black box until its shrieks finally ceased.

She untangled her limbs from the sheets and heard something fall from the nightstand, knocked over by her fumbling. Carefully steadying herself on the bed she stood up, waiting for her legs to settle before searching for the light switch. The knob was up and to the side of her bed, and as she pawed at the wall a paint scraping lodged itself under her fingernail.

Cursing, she pulled her hand back and picked at the nail, trying to dislodge the scrap. In the early morning darkness, she couldn’t see where the piece was. She refused to go the entire day with a painful paint chip stuck in her finger.

With some determination the piece slid out from under her nail, and she flicked it to the side. Cautiously, she resumed her search for the light switch. Her fingers grazed the edge of the cool white plastic, and she flicked the switch.

Nothing happened.

She repeatedly flipped the switch up and down, but still the room swam in darkness. Leaving it up, she cursed the electric company and being an adult. She’d have to talk to Courtney again about paying bills on time. The account was in Courtney’s name, so Kelsey didn’t get warnings, and Courtney had flaked before.

Kelsey sat back on the bed and stretched. She’d fallen asleep at an awkward angle and could feel her muscles stiffening. She slowly relaxed, she was prone to thrown muscles and didn’t want to push it.

She sighed deeply and licked her chapped lips, allowing herself one last lazy moment. Before she could fall back and doze off again, she stretched towards the nightstand for her glasses. Fumbling around a half-filled water glass and a book, she couldn’t feel the telltale heavy plastic of her frames. Where were they?

Her fingers grazed a tube of lip balm, knocking it over. The sound of the tube hitting the floor jogged her memory, she must’ve knocked over the glasses earlier with the sheets.

Crouching on stiff knees, Kelsey gently patted her palms along the cold wooden floor in widening circles. After a few futile minutes, she gave up. Time to call in backup.

“Courtney!” she called out, settling dejectedly onto crossed legs. “Courtney, c’mere!”

The door squeaked open, Courtney’s nails clicking against the doorknob.

“What d’you want, it’s early” Courtney groggily asked as she shuffled into the room. Kelsey spun around to face Courtney, though she couldn’t be sure in the darkness.

“I lost my glasses. Also, you forgot to pay the electric bill again, the lights won’t come on” Kelsey replied. The floors creaked under Courtney’s shifting weight.

“I definitely did pay the electric bill, I got the confirmation email last night, and the lights? Also, babe…” Courtney paused awkwardly.

“Babe, you’re wearing your glasses.”


Posted 16 September 2018
Updated 4 December 2018


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