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Fearful Flash Fiction Finale

Hey Kids! It is here. I am very excited to announce that the following stories comprise the Fearful Flash Fiction finale! First, go read little bit of weirdness in Everything. Then, put yer peepers on Failure | Part 1 and Failure | Part 2. AND I have another surprise! *Drumroll* The site has a brand new collection, with its… Continue reading Fearful Flash Fiction Finale

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“Stranger” & “Insomnia” Released

Hello kids! As promised yesterday, here are two mini additions to Fearful Flash Fiction. Stranger and Insomnia. Now, I rarely dabble in microfiction. (I have no idea if this is the right term, let me be.) When I get into itty-bitty stories—particularly those under ten words—I can't help but think it's probably already been written. I… Continue reading “Stranger” & “Insomnia” Released

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Alone Released

Hey kids! Fearful Flash Fiction claims another victim, and this time, it's spacey. Go read Alone for some sci-fi fun! Everyone, I am so proud of this story. So far, my favorite stories in the FFF collection have been those that pop into my head at random times and I put little thought into writing. This is… Continue reading Alone Released

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Blank Released

Not much to say today. Here is the latest Fearful Flash Fiction installment, one that's been on my mind a lot lately: Blank. I personally believe that every person has a certain amount of focus they can use in a day. Some of that focus goes towards work, some more goes towards school, some goes towards basic… Continue reading Blank Released

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Quick Fearful Flash Fiction Update

Hey Kids, I am officially peeking out of my doing-homework-until-after-midnight blanket cave to say hi! Here's a quick late night (for me) update: There will be at least one more Fearful Flash Fiction installment posted in the upcoming week, possibly 2 depending on life. I will be writing a brief reflection on this project, *hopefully*… Continue reading Quick Fearful Flash Fiction Update

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Listening Released

Wow, the titles for these release posts are really boring, huh? Whatever, let's save the creativity for the actual writing. The latest installment of Fearful Flash Fiction is here, and is very excited to meet you! Go on and take a gander at Listening. Writing this, I had a mini internal debate about the merits of accuracy… Continue reading Listening Released

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Overload/Too Much Released

More Fearful Flash Fiction! Come and get it! Hello again kiddos, I am happy to announce the latest installment of Fearful Flash Fiction is up and ready for your reading pleasure. There she is: Overload/Too Much. I'm not really a fan of titles with slashes in them, but this is a rare exception. I switched between the two… Continue reading Overload/Too Much Released

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A Waste Released & Updates

And here we are again, with yet another addition to the Fearful Flash Fiction family. This one is an example of me having a very specific idea of what I'm going to write, and the story going "Ha-ha nope! I do what I want!" It's always interesting when that happens, in both good and bad ways. Here… Continue reading A Waste Released & Updates

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Finite and The Void Released

Oh hey look, it's more Fearful Flash Fiction! We've got a double header here, folks. Come get the latest installments while they're hot and fresh: Finite and The Void. I debated on whether or not to put Finite up, as the ending feels a bit cliché. But hey, what came out of my brain is what came out… Continue reading Finite and The Void Released