About Emily

Just who is this so-called “Emily?”

Well, that would be me! I, Emily Vollmer, am a young writer currently working towards a Bachelors of Science in Technical Communications. I hope to one day become a full-time writer and novelist, though that day is still a while coming. My favorite genres are fantasy and science fiction, though I’ll never turn down a good comedic autobiography.

My writing is character driven and examines the strange ways people react to difficult situations. I truly believe that good writing can have a meaningful impact on the world and hope to hone my skills so that I can one day make that impact. With that in mind, I work to normalize LGBTQIA+ identities and relationships through stories and focus on strong—yet flawed—female leads. My current writing tastes tend towards horror and surrealist short stories.

I can be found holed away in my (very) tiny Connecticut apartment with my bunny Frankenstein and parakeet Nimoy, usually with a mug of French press coffee in hand and a laptop filled with half-written stories.

Here you can find my blog, ongoing writing projects, and links to work published elsewhere. Much of the writing I post is unfinished, unpolished, and various other un-words. I consider everything I write to be a work-in-progress, some more than others.

Feel free to say “hi” using the Contact page, you get bonus points if you can tell me about a cool literary mag I should check out.