The Constant Process of Re-Evaluation

Hi kids.

I have no idea what I’m doing.

Absolutely none.

What. So. Ever.

My focus bounces constantly between work, to school, to writing, back to work again. I’ve found that I can only handle two of the three at a time.

For the beginning to the middle of 2018, I chose work and writing. My skills improved immensely, but I also fell into bad habits, like ignoring the entire concept of “revision.”

Then, in the fall and winter of 2018, I switched to school and writing. Work was an afterthought, something I did every day but on autopilot.

Then from 2019 til now, it’s been work and school. I’ve ignored writing almost completely, in favor of exhaustion and feeling creatively unfulfilled. There has been one bright spot, however, which was my fiction workshop course.

The class focused on the basic elements of short fiction, as well as the importance of an extensive revision process. This put into stark perspective the lack of my own process and showed me just how much I could improve my writing if I spent more than 30 seconds revising it.

The class also reminded me of my ultimate objective: To tell stories with a purpose. Going forward, I’m hoping to re-balance and reincorporate writing consistently into my life. I make this promise to myself time and time again, but hopefully, eventually, I’ll follow through with it.

To start, I have a lit mag submission pending (Woo!). We’ll see where things go from there.

See you soon.

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