Fearful Flash Fiction Review & Looking Forward

Hi kids! 

Here’s what’s what: Yes, I’ve finally gotten around to it, we’re doing a review on Fearful Flash Fiction. The problem is that it’s long.

Very long.

The thing with writing a review on 16 short stories is that it’s a review on 16 short stories. So, here’s the plan.

I am posting the review here, on it’s own page under the FFF umbrella. If you want to go read 2500-ish words of me rambling semi-coherently, go on and have fun! If you want the short version (just the intro), that’s below in this blog post. Then, I’ll talk a bit about Terrorwood and my writing plan going forward.

Let’s go!

Fearful Flash Fiction Mini Review

This is the intro to the full review. For the entire thing, go here.


Hi Kids!

Yes, I’ve finally gotten around to it, we’re doing a review on Fearful Flash Fiction.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the project… How did you end up here? Go read some stories, then come back when you’re ready, ya big ol’ galoo.

For the rest of y’all, here’s the plan. I am going to re-read each story and put down my thoughts on them with the luxury of hindsight. Then, if I am so inclined, I will give a little bit of backstory.

Think I’m being a lil’ narcissistic to do a review of my own writing? OMG same, you’ll like this post then!

Gah I’m dallying. I really don’t like getting ready to read my own stories. Once I’m actually reading it I’m usually fine, but the lead up is the worst.

Arrrrrrrrgh aaaaaaaaand here we go!

Terrorwood & The Plan Going Forward

I have a month off from school (I finished my first semester of online classes! Yay!) and have some time to relax. Which in my mind means write more short stories and work on cleaning up my site’s formatting.

My intent is to re-write the first four stories of Terrorwood, but I am making no promises. I’ve already partially re-written and mapped out version two of Imagine, and I think the other stories would benefit from a similar treatment. However…

I am easily distracted.

I have a couple other stories bubbling up in my brain, and may end up writing those instead. Who knows! I am but a fickle wielder of mine pen.

We shall see. Either way, I am going to be posting more regularly (ha, in theory) and will generally be more present. 

That’s all for now folks, I hope you’ve enjoyed Fearful Flash Fiction, and I’ll see you around!


P.S. I tried so hard to like the new Gutenberg editor for WordPress, I really did, but it is just too annoying. It should not take me more than two clicks to insert a dividing line, it just shouldn’t.

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