Alone Released

Hey kids! Fearful Flash Fiction claims another victim, and this time, it’s spacey. Go read Alone for some sci-fi fun!

Everyone, I am so proud of this story.

So far, my favorite stories in the FFF collection have been those that pop into my head at random times and I put little thought into writing. This is my stream-of-consciousness, and how I use that as a writing process. I know where the story starts, and I know where it must end, but I have no clue how I’m getting from point A to point B.

That is this story. Me fumbling my way through and somehow ending up loving what I’ve written.

It feels narcissistic, but it’s true. I love what I’ve written here. I am proud of the story structure, the voice of my characters, my descriptions of the scenes. I am proud of all of it.

I am also a little sleepy-loopy on muscle relaxers, so that might explain the possibly unwarranted confidence. Who knows? It’s a total mystery, never to be solved in this lifetime.

Just so you know that I don’t have some sort of pill problem, I have very nearly thrown out my back (again), and don’t want to fully wreck myself for the next two weeks. Hence, muscle relaxers.

I have also decided that there will indeed be a finale to FFF, a story encompassing my greatest fear of all. The thing that motivates me to stay awake until 2am doing homework, then go to my real job that same morning with a well-caffeinated smile on my face. So writing that story’ll be fun!

Anyhoo, getting back on track here. You may notice that Alone is not 500 words. It is a little bit longer than the rest of the stories in the FFF series, and yes, I am breaking my own rules here.

However, this is the first story where there was nothing that I wanted to cut out. Everything I’ve written is there for a reason, whether it contributes to the story or not. The reason for that is something I may discuss in the reflections I’ll be writing on FFF, or may keep to myself.

One of the beauties of writing is that it isn’t just for other people. Writing is for yourself, too.  We write to build worlds, to tell stories, and to connect with others. We also write to process, to grieve, and to pay respects. Take from that what you will.

I am now finished rambling, I promise. I hope you enjoy reading Alone as much as I enjoyed writing it.

See ya on Halloween!

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