Listening Released

Wow, the titles for these release posts are really boring, huh? Whatever, let’s save the creativity for the actual writing.

The latest installment of Fearful Flash Fiction is here, and is very excited to meet you! Go on and take a gander at Listening.

Writing this, I had a mini internal debate about the merits of accuracy versus readability. On the one hand, I could take the time to research techie stuff and make the story accurate to life. On the other hand, the whole point of FFF is to be stream-of-consciousness and spur of the moment. Wouldn’t doing research defeat that very purpose?

I went with yes, research does not fit into this current project. Personally, I usually really enjoy reading and writing pieces that are as real to life as possible. However, there’s also a place in writing for us writers to… well, make stuff up. Fiction is just that, fiction. Every story we read requires a certain degree of suspension of disbelief.

And who knows, maybe one day I’ll go back and revise FFF, and do that research. I like to think of all the writing I post on this site as ongoing, nothing is truly complete. There’s always room to improve, goodness knows I’m not a flawless writer right out of the gate.


My random confusing tangent is now over, go read Listening!

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