A Waste Released & Updates

And here we are again, with yet another addition to the Fearful Flash Fiction family.

This one is an example of me having a very specific idea of what I’m going to write, and the story going “Ha-ha nope! I do what I want!” It’s always interesting when that happens, in both good and bad ways.

Here is A Waste, go ahead and read it if you’re so inclined.

Anyhoozles, fall is continuing to be very… fall. If you’ve read this then you know what I’m talking about. Once we hit November things will hopefully calm down a bit, until then expect more weird mini-stories.

I’ve officially added a hiatus notice to the Terrorwood landing page, which feels odd. Somehow it’s both a relief in that I took that pressure off myself, and sad that it’s taking a backseat. In the hiatus I noted that I will hopefully be returning to Terrorwood in early 2019 and that is true, in the meantime I’ve been going over the story in my head and think you’ll like where it’s going.

That’s it for now. Have nice day, everybody.

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