A Bad Season and Fearful Flash Fiction

Hey Kids.

The last week or so has been very bad. Fall is not historically a good season for my family, and it appears that the tradition is continuing this year. As it does every year.

I joke that all I need to do is “tamp down the feelings, just tamp ‘em down!” However, I can’t do that forever. I need to process and unfortunately you, dear readers, are going to come along on that ride.

However awful fall usually is, I do still love crisp days and pumpkin spice (don’t judge, I’m a basic north-easterner) and assorted pies and whatnot. And like most weirdos, I love Halloween. So, we’re just going to make Halloween happen riiiiight now.

I’m going to go through my fears via flash fiction. Limit is 500 words per piece (excluding the title, I’m not an animal), no outlines allowed, stream of consciousness-style is a given, and writing in the wee hours of the morning is encouraged. I haven’t gone to sleep before 2am in a while anyhow.

I’m going to keep writing these until something happens. Potential topics include water, aging, failure, losing (yes this is different from failure), emotional honesty, driving, public transportation, medical mysteries, going blind, etc. Some of these settings and events are semi-auto-biographical and some are not. You try to figure out which are which.

Terrorwood is going on indefinite hiatus, along with submitting to literary mags. Once I get this out of my system, we will revisit both.

Here we go. First up is Deep Water. Enjoy.

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