Big Updates!

Hey kids, it’s been a while!

I know I’ve been semi-very-AWOL for a long little while now, and I wanted to give an update as to why that is, as well as what you’ll be seeing writing-wise from me in the future.

So, here we go!

Where have I been this whole time?

Working! I have been working a whole heckuva bunch. But that is happily changing, due to…

*suspenseful music*

I’m going back to college!

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Update 1: College

As it says in the About section of this website, I have five eighths of a degree in marine biology. Yes, I did the math for it and everything, that is the exact fraction of a degree that I have.

I’ve been out of school and supporting myself for a year now, and that has gone moderately well. What this experience really taught me is that I want to finish school, get a degree, then move towards building a career.

So this fall I am going to start taking courses. I will not be going back for marine biology, instead I will be working towards a BS in Technical Communication with a focus on the User Experience. The simplest way I can describe it is writing manuals for things, and more specifically it’s organizing and presenting information in a way that’s understandable to the reader. Luckily I have a lot of transfer credits, so- with the exception of two courses- I will only be taking classes specifically about Technical Writing, no fluff.

I am terrified! Yay! Hopefully this goes well! It’s been a hot second since I was in school so there’ll be an adjustment to doing assignments and time management, but overall I’m excited. I even bought a new planner and everything.

white blank notebook
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Update 2: Literary Mags and Publications

If you’ve been keeping up on my blog posts here on the site, then you know that I have two stories published in literary mags:  We Have No Lysosome in Sick Lit Magazine and Sparrow in The First Line. Both the writing and submission/acceptance processes for these stories and mags were so fun and rewarding, and I want to keep the ball rolling.

My current… goal? System? Plan of attack? I’m not quite sure which of those fits it best, but here’s my current strategy (yes, that’s the word!) when it comes to getting my work published:

  1. Find a literary magazine of which I like the content, mission, and style.
  2. Write a story specifically to submit to that magazine.
  3. Submit the story.
  4. Receive an acceptance or rejection.
  5. Repeat.

I like having an endgame for what I’m writing, and so far doing things this way has worked in getting me motivated to write.

After my publication in The First Line, I am now back at steps 1 and 2. I have done some research and found a literary mag that I’m interested in, and am in the process of writing a story to submit to them. That’s all the information I’ll give you, because any more than that and I am definitely jinxing myself.

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Update 3: Terrorwood

First off:  I am not stopping Terrorwood. This project has been my baby for more than a few months now, and neither hell nor high water will keep me from it. I may not have put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) on it for a little while, but it is never far from my mind.

When I am able to get back to Terrorwood, it will not immediately be to write another installment; it will instead be to rework what I have already written. While I am fairly happy with Feverdreamland and Animals of our Own, I think Imagine needs some serious work. I put the least amount of time into writing that story in particular, and it shows.

My biggest qualm with Imagine is that I didn’t get the intended point across to the reader. I was trying to do something very specific with it and- based on feedback- I was not successful. So, I am going to bring it back to the drawing board (is there a writing-specific equivalent of drawing board?), scrap a whole bunch of what I have, and fix it.

That’s where Terrorwood is at, I can’t wait to get back to work on this project!

Phew, that was a whole bunch of updates!

I am very excited to start this next phase of my life (ew, that sounded so bougie/new age-y). I’ve also made moves so that I have more personal time to write, and won’t be quite so neglectful of this site and my work.

I never know how to end these things. Let’s just go full bougie and say au revoir!


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