Publication in The First Line!

Hey guys, I have some awesome news! A piece of mine was published in the literary magazine The First Line! Yay! More exclamation points!

This makes the second story of mine to be published in a literary magazine, if you missed the first check out that whole shebang.

If you don’t feel like reading my whole usual spiel and just want to read the story, go here and look for the summer issue, that’s where my story is! The First Line is available in both print and PDF mediums, you do have to pay for this one but I think it’s 100% worth it.

A short story of mine called Sparrow is published in their latest summer issue (Volume 20 Issue 2), and if you’ve never heard of The First Line the way they work is very cool. They publish four seasonal issues per volume, and you can write whatever you want with one small caveat: You must use the first sentence that they provide, no changing it, no exceptions (hence the name of the magazine). They also publish short pieces where a writer explains what their favorite first line of a book or story is and why.

For Sparrow I dipped my toe into the neon colored pond that is science fiction, and while I have written science fiction before I wouldn’t call any of my previous work in the genre “good” or “interesting” or “readable.” Despite that I’ve been wanting to play in the genre for a while, as science fiction definitely had a large influence on me growing up. I don’t know if anyone has read or even heard of the book Between the Parallel Trees, as it is fairly old now and I’m not even sure if that’s the correct title, but that book in particular had a big impact on what I understood science fiction could be. Maybe I’ll write something about it in the future, we’ll see.

I really enjoyed writing my story Sparrow, and was so happy to see that the editors David and Robyn liked it enough to include me in this edition of The First Line. The other writers selected for this issue are all incredibly talented, and I’m quite honored that the editors decided to let me hang with the cool kids.

So go on, get your hands on a copy of The First Line and read not only my story, but also 8 other amazing pieces. Of the other stories in this edition, I particularly recommend two: For a story both delightful and heartbreaking read P.D. by Mark Joseph Kevlock, and for something that’ll bring a smile to your face and remind you that the world isn’t always a terrible place read Best Man by Diane Thomas.

Now go read Volume 20 Issue 2 of The First Line!


*As a little PS, I’d like to say a quick thanks for you readers’ patience with me. I know I’ve been posting very little and still have not added another installment to Terrorwood, but I am still doing writing things! They are just far more sporadic than in the past. As well as trying to work more on Terrorwood I’ll now be looking for what literary magazines I may want to submit a story to next, and I’ll keep you all posted.

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