Publication in Sick Lit Magazine!

Here’s a quick story:

Once upon a time I was in a writing slump, where I felt like I couldn’t produce anything decent. Then, I was clicking around the internet when I stumbled on Sick Lit Magazine.

I went to their submissions page, and read one of their prompts. Bam! Lightning flash of inspiration! I wrote and re-wrote for hours that night, until the wee hours of the morning when I go cross-eyed and drop things a lot. I spell checked what I had wrote, and sent it off…


I’m perhaps being a tad dramatic (which if we’re being honest is my natural state of being, but I digress), but this story completely refocused me on writing. The only reason my blog/website exists is because of this acceptance, upon which I realized that if I want to one day be a full-time writer, it would probably help to have a place where I write regularly.

Anyhoo, this is the February prompt that inspired my story We Have No Lysosome:  “Write a story in which five characters (it doesn’t have to be exactly five) are trapped in a house or a building because of an emergency, such as a severe winter storm.”

All I’m going to say about the story is that I played a little fast and loose with the prompt, and I hope you are pleasantly surprised by the outcome.

Sick Lit Magazine is an awesome mag, I highly recommend you go and read all the other stories they have published. Their staff is composed of the very cool editor-in-chief/founder/CEO Kelly Fitzharris and super nice assistant editor Nikki rae Spano, to both of which I extend a heartfelt thank you for accepting my piece for publication.

So go on, go read We Have No Lysosome right now!

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