Introducing: Terrorwood

Mystery…  Horror…  YA…  Romance…  Other cool buzzwords relating to this project…


Terrorwood is the first of hopefully many short story collections, where I explore a unifying concept through multiple perspectives. In this first collection, I will be looking at the concept of identity.

Who are we? Are we defined by characteristics obtained at birth, or do we choose our own as we grow? If given the choice either to make your life easier or to remain who you think you are, what would you choose?

I’ll be exploring these ideas and more over the next few months, through the YA lens. Say what you will about YA, but I believe the genre is a powerful tool to play with new, interesting concepts outside the confines of “adult” literature. Also, let’s be real for a hot sec, high school drama is fun.

What’s the timeline on this project?

Well, I intend to be posting a new installment every two weeks on Mondays, starting on March 12. This is not a hard and fast rule because of life doing it’s thing, but I will try my best to stick to it.

How many installments will there be?

As of right now, I have around six stories planned, and have already written the first draft for one of those stories. We’ll just call it ongoing for now.

Installments will take one of two forms:

  1.  Chapter of a Unifying Ongoing Story
  2.  Stand-Alone Story

I am hopefully going to alternate posting Chapters and Stand-Alones, but as with everything we’ll see what happens! Each installment will have an accompanying blog post with a synopsis as well as any random thoughts I may have on it.

Are the installments going to be flawlessly perfect masterpieces of writing?

Dear gosh no. I reserve the right to edit (or remove) the stories after posting, but I will always let you know when I do this with a blog post explaining my reasoning.

On that topic, feel free to send feedback! What are you enjoying? What aren’t you enjoying? Did I accidentally use “your” when I should have used “you’re?” All thoughts are welcome.

Is Terrorwood the only thing you’ll be writing?

Nope! While this will be my only ongoing project for now, I will continue to write whatever else I feel like writing. I’ll also be submitting pieces to literary mags and whatnot, so keep an eye out for that.

Anything else we need to know?


Mango skin is edible.

Yup, you definitely needed to know that.


Keep your eyes out, kids. This is gonna be fun.

~Emily the Writer

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